Visualizing Health Care Reform

How will health care reform in 2014 affect uninsured adults?

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This easy-to-use visual tool, presented by Illinois Health Matters, provides information on uninsured adults in Illinois, where they live, demographic characteristics and the impact of health care reform in 2014 on their ability to attain health care coverage.

Pan the map and zoom in/out to find the region or area you’re interested in exploring. Click on it to see the number of uninsured adults in that area and how they will be able to secure affordable health insurance on January 1, 2014 based on their income and citizenship status. You can compare and contrast different geographic areas and see how each area and its residents will be affected by healthcare reform.

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  • Statewide
  • Cook County Only
    The City of Chicago plus Suburban Cook County
  • Regions
    Groups of counties and sub-county areas.
  • Community Areas
    Geographic areas that are built up from counties and/or census tracts, and include at least 100,000 persons. Defined by U.S. Census Bureau as PUMAs (Public Use Microdata Areas).